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Repair Your Damaged OEM Skeg for Less Than a Deductible

An Average deductible is $500.00. In addition, filing a claim with insurance can result in premium increase. Insurance may replace your Skeg with an off brand to save money. At Tennessee Propeller, we repair your OEM Skeg using OEM parts for less than $500.00...

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Inspect your boat propeller on regular bases for any damage small or big. Get in the habit of inspecting your propeller during the boating season. Inspect for bent blades or nicks or any damage. If prop blades are bent or otherwise damaged, the prop should either be...

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Fall Is A Great Time To Get your Skeg Repaired

At Tennessee Propeller, we use OEM Skeg parts from Mercury, Yamaha, Suzuki and Johnson/Evinrude to repair your lower unit. A broken or damaged skeg adversely affects handling. The skeg of an outboard or sterndrive provides much directional stability and steering...

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Why Choosing the Right Prop is Important

To Optimize your boat engine performance, it is essential that you identify the right propeller for your boat. Although online prop guides are a good place to start. There is no substitute for contacting an expert to better understand  important details about your...

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We specialize in repairing OJ and ACME Props for your Mastercraft. Over 95% of damaged props are repairable. Please do not throw away your propeller just because someone says. Our turnaround time on repairs is between 24-48 hours. We also help boat owners identify the...

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My Propeller Has Little Chip or Ding, Should I Fix It!

Without the Propeller's thrust, nothing happens. In determining boat performance, Propellers are second in performance only to the power available from the engine itself. Your boat propeller, effects every phase of performance, handling, riding, comfort, speed,...

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Is Your Prop Repairable?

Over 98% of Stainless and Bronze/ski boat Propellers are repairable. The average cost of a repair is between 30% and 40% of the cost of a new prop. Let the experts at Tennessee Propeller and Metalworks help you decide if your prop is repairable. We have the tools and...

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